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Where Do Your Beliefs Come From?

November 26, 2021

In this epidsode, Terri Kozlowski and I chat about generational patterns of behaviour: what they are, where they come from and how to navigate them.

Do you know where your beliefs come from?


Terri Kozlowski is a proud Native American warrior:
Athabascan; Tlinglet Tribe - Raven Clan. She journeyed through the pain of child
sexual abuse and utter fear of life after her mother abandoned her, at the age of
11, on the streets of Albuquerque. Rediscovering her true path in life, one of joy
and love, she learned to transcend the fear that the egoic mind keeps bringing to
the forefront of our lives. Terri is now a successful soul and life coach whose
mission is to inspire others to master their fear. Her book, Raven Transcending Fear:
a memoir about overcoming sexual abuse, abandonment, and discover your authentic
self, tells her amazing story, which is available on Amazon.
Terri was a stay-at-home mother until 9/11 when her husband lost his job in the
airline industry. She went into the corporate environment and in less than ten
years worked herself up from an executive assistant to Vice President of
Operations of a medical device company.
Terri earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences from the University of
Pittsburgh and is a student of The Course in Miracles. She has received a
certification in Life Coaching by the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.
Terri has successfully launched her blog on January 1, 2019, and is now taking her
talents to podcast land. August 27, 2020 Soul Solutions launched. She shares her
journey and has candid conversations about overcoming fear and limiting beliefs
with the authentic people who have successfully overcome their own negative
thought patterns. Look for her anywhere you find podcasts.




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